Source code for polywrap_plugin.module

"""This module contains the PluginModule class."""
# pylint: disable=invalid-name
from abc import ABC
from dataclasses import dataclass
from typing import Any, Generic, Optional, TypeVar

from polywrap_core import (
from polywrap_msgpack import msgpack_decode

TConfig = TypeVar("TConfig")

@dataclass(kw_only=True, slots=True)
class PluginInvokeOptions:
    """PluginInvokeOptions is a dataclass that holds the options for an invocation.

        uri (URI): The URI of the wrapper.
        method (str): The method to invoke.
        args (Optional[Any]): The arguments to pass to the method.
        env (Optional[Any]): The environment variables to set\
            for the invocation.
        resolution_context (Optional[UriResolutionContext]): \
            A URI resolution context.
        client (Optional[InvokerClient]): The client to use\
            for subinvocations.

    uri: Uri
    method: str
    args: Optional[Any] = None
    env: Optional[Any] = None
    resolution_context: Optional[UriResolutionContext] = None
    client: Optional[InvokerClient] = None

[docs]class PluginModule(Generic[TConfig], ABC): """PluginModule is the base class for all plugin modules. Args: config (TConfig): The configuration of the plugin. """ config: TConfig def __init__(self, config: TConfig): """Initialize a new PluginModule instance.""" self.config = config def __wrap_invoke__( self, options: PluginInvokeOptions, ) -> Any: """Invoke a method on the plugin. Args: options (PluginInvokeOptions): The options\ to use when invoking the plugin. Returns: The result of the plugin method invocation. Raises: WrapInvocationError: If the plugin method is not defined\ or is not callable. WrapAbortError: If the plugin method raises an exception. MsgpackDecodeError: If the plugin method returns invalid msgpack. """ if not hasattr(self, options.method): raise WrapInvocationError( options, f"{options.method} is not defined in plugin module" ) callable_method = getattr(self, options.method) if callable(callable_method): try: decoded_args = ( msgpack_decode(options.args) if isinstance(options.args, bytes) else options.args ) return callable_method(decoded_args, options.client, options.env) except Exception as err: raise WrapAbortError(options, repr(err)) from err raise WrapInvocationError( options, f"{options.method} is not a callable method in plugin module" )
__all__ = ["PluginModule"]