polywrap_plugin.package module

This module contains the PluginPackage class.

class polywrap_plugin.package.PluginPackage(module: PluginModule[TConfig], manifest: WrapManifest)[source]

Bases: WrapPackage, Generic[TConfig]

PluginPackage implements IWrapPackage interface for the plugin.

  • module (PluginModule[TConfig]) – The plugin module.

  • manifest (AnyWrapManifest) – The manifest of the plugin.

create_wrapper() Wrapper[source]

Create a new plugin wrapper instance.

get_manifest(options: DeserializeManifestOptions | None = None) WrapManifest[source]

Get the manifest of the plugin.


options – The options to use when getting the manifest.


The manifest of the plugin.

manifest: WrapManifest
module: PluginModule[TConfig]